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The UK's bank of the Year for 2017

Article Issue #18
MetroBank best bank UK

The UK's bank of the Year for 2017

22 Nov, 2017 | BANKSY

MetroBank is moving a step forward by servicing the public from early morning until late evening including weekends and bank holidays. This decision of running up late comparing to other high street banks is based on Metro Bank’s ideology “that you should be able to bank when it suits you.” Surely MetroBank lives up to its claim with opening times from Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, Saturdays, 8am to 6pm and Sundays/Bank Holidays, 11am to 5pm.

But whatelse does Metro Bank offers apart from late hours openings? Well, there is actually some attractive services currently held by the bank which can be of great interest to customers. The first to mention is based on 0% commission free from current card usage and withdrawals when travelling within the European Community Area countries. That is surely a good reason and advantage to use MetroBank current accounts over most if not all high street banks especially for those who for work or leisure purposes have the need to travel regularly in Europe.

Secondly MetroBank offers personal belongings safe deposit boxes which can be rented very easily and quite hassle free without many detailed questions to customers (and perhaps non customers) that wish to keep safe any valuables, documents or whatever it is worth to keep safe and away. It quite reminds the old school Swiss banks which did and still do offer such private safe depositing services.

Thirdly the bank offers a same day account opening which is very smooth and easy which includes the printing of the bank card and cheque book in the same day as well. MetroBank also offers all the other packages most banks do such as ISA, Savings accounts including mortgages, borrowing and also Business banking services.

All in all we score MetroBank the number one UK bank of the year for its commitment to serve the public until late hours, fee less when using your bank card in Europe, easy to rent safe deposit boxes and same day account opening including the printing of your current account card and cheque book which in our opinion tops up in service and availability comparing to other high street banks and even building societies.