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European Applications for after Brexit.

Article Issue #26
European Applications Brexit.

European Applications for after Brexit.

19 Jun, 2018 | BANKSY

In December 2017 the UK government reached an agreement with the European Union on citizens’ rights. This agreement will protect the rights of the EU citizens’ when the UK leaves the EU to enable them to continue to live their lives as they do now.

In order to secure those rights, EU citizens will need to go through an application process which will confirm their status in the United Kingdom. That process will begin later in 2018 to allow enough time for the changes and for the applications which will be available for at least 2 years after the UK leaves the EU.

European Citizens and their family members living in the UK will need to apply through a digital system to get settled status. The application process will be aimed to be quite user-friendly and as easy as possible. For this application government data will be used to reduce the amount of evidence that the applicants will need to provide. For example, in most cases National Insurance records will show whether an applicant has been working long enough in the UK.

The application process will target 3 basic principles – identity, UK residence and criminal convictions. EU citizens will need to: • prove their identity and nationality with by providing details of their passport or National ID card and provide a recent photograph • declare any criminal convictions – only serious or persistent criminality will affect the process EU citizens won’t have to: • report for every trip taken out of the UK • show evidence of held comprehensive sickness insurance • provide fingerprints

The application fee will be no more than the cost charged to British citizens for a UK passport. EU citizens already in possession of a valid permanent residence document won’t be charged for the application.