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BANKSY has developed several business relationships with other services during the past years to which some of them have partnered with us. Our partnership program is aimed at reaching out to customers with a wider range of services based on quality, customer response, technology and logistics.

Although we aim to grow our capabilities by working together with other services and partners, we take this kind of relationship very seriously. To become a partner or service provider for BANKSY, it means having something valuable to offer or to add to our industry and business. If you believe your business or service have such potential then please contact us, as we would love to hear from you.

Our Partners

Some of our partners and service providers.



Bankus is a twin company under a different team and leadership which has been launched in 2010. The aim was to enter the North American market. This relationship has proved to be a very proficient and smart choice which brought us great business opportunities.



Proflex is an independent service provider who has approached us to enter the market as a franchised under our licence of products. This choice allows Proflex to benefit access to our products, expertise, 24 hours customer support replies and partnership with the market leader.



Localbitcoins is trader platform via peer-to-peer. That solution facilitates the purchase of bitcoin as it removes delays and restrictions sometimes imposed by typical company based vendors. BANKSY is an affiliate of this company which services have empowered us and our customers.



Octopus is a service provider which has partially partnership with us and helping BANKSY on logistics around the globe. We have benefited a lot from this partnership as it has help us to grown specially in more remote areas such as parts of Australasia and other less accessible global locations.



SABA is a service provider with whom we have worked with and which have empowered our employers in development courses towards our industry. SABA has also developed tools for our business which have helped us to track our growth and help to expand in the right markets based on data and trends.



Jefferson, is a small-medium business of talented graphic designers which have provided us with great tools, experience and even personnell along the years to help us deliver the most demanding graphical matrix projects which has helped BANKSY on this service but also in other business ventures we own.

Our History

A little bit about our journey...

extra money


We launched under the name "Extramoney2day". Our company was small and only offered 1 product & 5 designs.

Bank Novelties UK


Rebranded under the name "BNUK" we entered also the US market "BNUS" and offered 5 products & about 50 desings.



Growing fast in popularity and now named as "BANKSY" we opened the doors to Australia with over 100 designs.



Established now in 5 continents under a new branded logo®, we offer 10 services and over 250 designs.