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See below some samples of our novelty products. Note that not all our products are here represented. To know how to make a fake bank statement online and our full range of novelties including fake payslips, HMRC SA302, Tax Overview, and how to obtain P60, please check our product list


A Santander novelty statement front and back. Although similar in design, it diverse in some graphic details depending of the country and region of origin.


Sample of a Nationwide fake bank statement front and back. This design is very rich in shapes and colour making one of the most creative designs in the banking industry.


Sample of a TSB fake statement front and back. Previously known as “LloydsTSB”, this is an unique design with a simple look and choice in colour.


Sample of a fake Barclays bank statement front and back. This design is very rich in different icons and layers keeping the predominant clear blue colour.

Common Wealth & ANZ

Front samples of the Commonwealth of Australia and ANZ. Typical yellow Australian colours on the Commonwealth while ANZ being a popular bank in New Zealand.

British Gas

Sample of a British Gas fake utility bill . British Gas designs are very predominant in vivid light blue and purple colours which do give a classic balance to the overall template.

Experian Credit Report

Sample of a fake Experian credit report. An new Experian credit report where it features also a CIFAS logo respectively as a common mark on these reports.

UK Tax Forms

Sample of a fake P60 and SA302 form. Get a copy of P60 and SA302 online. P60 comes in various shapes and colours like the popular orange version of what does a P60 look like.

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