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Read this tutorial to learn how to use our website and services

1. Why an order form and how to submit one?

There are several order forms available at our website for different novelty documents and products including fake bank statements, utility bills, payslips, taxation, credit reports, tenancy agreements, fake flight tickets, and other general novelties not listed. Each different order form is linked to a single order and product which is linked to a unique email address provided by you for communication purposes.

Order forms are a way of keeping our client work case and processing list organized, and to ensure that each order is delivered to the right customer. That is achieved by creating an order number every time a new order is submitted. Such order number is automatically given by our system once the order is fully agreed and sent to us. Upon filling the order form you will receive also an email confirmation of a copy of the submitted order so that you can also keep track of what you have ordered and of the order number for future reference.

Order forms are also an important part of the initial process as they cover in full our terms and conditions of usage which every customer must read and agree in order to proceed. This is an important part in order to protect us and you as a customer and to ensure we all agree with what is being requested not just in the legal side of things but also in terms of the data provided. If you have sent an order form and found out that you have inserted incorrect data, don't panic. Simply contact us as soon as possible at by referring your order number and by requesting us to update your data. That is normally okay but bear in mind that if you let too much time pass it may be that your order could be already being processed, so we strongly advise all our customers to check their order forms confirmation which is sent to the registered email to make sure all data is correct to avoid undesirable results and extra upgrade or full fees to redo the job.

Another important aspect regarding the order form has to do with the process and timing from when the order is sent and our customer team contact you back to proceed with your request. Note that we do not take automatically any payments from our website after the order form is completed. Instead you will receive a confirmation email back which is generated automatically, and you will be advised that we will contact you within 6 hours in order to proceed with your request. After that you will receive a second email directly from us with a full quote and payment instructions. As different email systems operate differently and have different rules for spam, it is possible that sometimes our automatic messages or potentially emails may be diverted to your spam box. That is why we advise all customers that if you do not hear from us within at least 6 hours, please check your trash/spam box on your email account as it may be that our emails were diverted there.

To wrap it up and conclude this part of the tutorial 3 main things we want you to remember:

1. An order form is mandatory in order for us to proceed with a request.

2. You should check your confirmation email and make sure you have not made mistakes in your order and if so contact us as soon as possible.

3. If no communication received either you inserted an invalid email address by mistake; or our emails are being diverted to your spam/trash box.

Lastly we would like to invite you to check our screenshot tutorial of how to fill out an order form.

2. How to make payments?

Payment instructions are only sent to your email after an order form is submitted. Here at BANKSY we accept only 2 forms of payment which availability depends on where are you based at and as follows:

Customers living in the United Kingdom and customers living outside the UK but with an UK bank account or with someone who lives in the UK and who can pay on their behalf, can pay us directly to our UK business bank account via online faster payment or in branch as a direct deposit into our account. Alternatively bitcoin is also available of preferable

All other customers who are outside the United Kingdom and who have not an UK bank account nor someone who they know who lives in the UK and who can pay on their behalf, can only pay us via bitcoin

Bitcoin is a safe, fast and almost zero fee method of payment for overseas transactions. Bitcoin is also a great option for security reasons as neither the recipient nor the sender need to share any personal details including name, addresses or bank account numbers as bitcoin transactions are 100% anonymous and based on a unique bitcoin address only. Unfortunately due to limit restrictions, delays, high fees and little protection for business we do not accept other methods of payment such as PayPal, Western Union and others like it. We also do not process debit/credit cards for data protection reasons. However at sites like customers can buy bitcoins using credit or debit card among other methods such as PayPal and Western Union. is a well worldwide established bitcoin trader to trader dealer platform but customers are welcome to use any other bitcoin vendor online they see fit.

Once the order form is received and the quote is worked out we then send either out UK bank account details (which is straight forward and easy way for UK customers) or a bitcoin address if the customer prefer to pay in bitcoins. However if paying as a bank transfer or deposit we strongly advise UK customers in order for us to track the payment faster and place it in the processing list to add your order number as the reference on your payment so that we know it comes from you.

If a customer cannot pay to our UK bank account and also it is not familiar with bitcoin, we will send full instructions of how to set up a bitcoin account, how to top it up with the right amount needed, and how to send the payment to us. For more information of how to set up a bitcoin wallet and buy and send bitcoins please check this video.

To wrap it up and conclude this part of the tutorial 3 main things we want you to remember:

1. UK based customers can pay both via bank transfer or bitcoin but customers outside the UK with no access to an UK account only via Bitcoin.

2. If paying to our bank account please include your order number as the payment reference so that we can trace it easily.

3. Payment instructions will only be given after an order form is received and not before. Orders only will enter the processing list once we have received full payment and not before.

3. How to know about our products and prices?

We have a wide range of products which is featured at our product list. These include the majority of our products such as fake bank statements and other novelties. If a specific product you are looking for is not listed then please fill out a general order form and send attached on that form a sample is possible.

As for pricing you can check the standard price in GBP at our price list. Note however that price may vary depending on the number of pages needed and also whether you will choose as a standard order or a rush order. We typically complete standard orders within 3 to 4 days after payment is cleared. Rush orders are completed in half of the time of standard orders typically within 24 to 36 hours.

Note also that if you are from outside the UK we will normally send a quote in your local currency such as Euros or Australian Dollars. If you are from Africa, Asia, South America or Eastern Europe then mostly the quote will be sent in US dollars. If you are from the United States or Canada then email us directly at to receive an order form.

4. How to Contact Us?

Our favourite method of contact is via email at

We do not currently hold a customer telephone number facility as our business is 100% based online only. Also we prefer this method since we can come back again and re-read information which is not possible over the phone. You can also try to contact us via our social networks as provided in the footer of this page. However we cannot promise how quick we can answer there as our customer service personal uses 90% of its time on answering emails thus easier and faster to drop us a message there instead.

5. More about us?

You can find more about us and our services by reading out FAQ page and by following our social networks. However check also our media page for more information about what we do and how we operate.